239 Billion Green Opportunities in China

There are 239 billion green opportunities in China. That is, China is planning on spending Y2 trillion ($239 million) to ensure that renewable energy will account for 15% of the nation’s power by the year 2020. China is the world’s second largest energy user. A country one fourth the size uses more.

Presently, less than 10% of China’s power comes from renewable energy. The government has earmarked Y1.4 trillion from 2006-2010. The U.S. says the clean technology market in China will be about $186 billion in 2010 and grow to $555 billion by 2020. Okay, I lost track of how much money can be made.

Looking for a good business opportunity? Help China become greener. They’ll pay out the gazoo for any good idea you can come up with. The best ideas – clean coal and carbon capture technologies says one expert.

Do you have a green idea?