Want Something Green For Christmas?

snot sneezeSo the season is getting near and it is time to buy a little something for all those special people on your list.  Maybe you should go green this holiday season?  Here are some gift ideas from Michelle Lalonde at The Gazette.

I always start my eco-friendly Christmas shopping at the Coop La Maison Verte (5785 Sherbrooke St. W.) New at the Coop this season: Gerrie’s Crazy Scarves ($40), hand-knit from the leftovers of 50 years of family knitting projects, these are whimsical, straggly, patchwork beauties. And to make you feel even better, 25 per cent of the price goes to local charities. I also like the Eco-Chic sweaters for kids ($45), colourful little sweaters made from former big sweaters, but shrunk and felted, hence the cosy, unusual texture. You’ll also find great eco-stocking stuffers at the Coop, like

handkerchiefs (package three Hankettes for $15.99) and Preserve toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt cups ($5 for adults, $4 for kids).

Next on my itinerary was Encore (5670 Sherbrooke St. W.), a used book store that also sells old CDs, records, VHS tapes, and even sheet music. You can save a lot of trees and cash by buying books used instead of new, and also show some originality.

Somebody on your list heading to Greece? Why not a beautiful, vintage Greek-English dictionary for only $2? Somebody on your list having an existential crisis? For $4.95 you can pick up timeless inspirational tomes, like The Celestine Prophecy by James Radfield. Encore also has a few vintage electronics and gadgets, including a couple of turntables. What a great way to resurrect those old vinyls.

Next, I hit The Plateau, where more and more businesses are catering to the green-minded. At Dans Ta Bulle (316 Mont Royal E.), I found some gorgeous, hand-crafted soaps by Amarille. Shaped like scrumptious cupcakes and cake slices, these soaps ($9.99 each) contain no synthetic ingredients and are scented with essential oils. This shop carries only locally made goods and carries a good selection of non-toxic cosmetics, like Noblessence lipstick ($16) and eyeliner ($11).

At Rien a Cacher (4141 St. Denis St.), you’ll find designer clothing and accessories made from organic cotton, recycled fabric and leather. This year, I like the simple black Oom tuques ($30) and the fabulous one-piece hood-scarf combos by Noujica ($76).

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