Japan Getting a New Fastest Train

Japan has pretty much been at the forefront of highspeed train technology since highspeed train technology began existing. And thought it’s a bit of a surprise that they don’t hold the current train speed record, I never doubt that they’ve got new train technology around the corner.

So I’m not surprised that Kawasaki Heavy Industries just announced that they’ll be building a new rail line in Japan that will be faster than the previous record holder, the Shikansen.

The new train has a rather lame name “the Environmentally Friendly Super Express Train” but maybe it sounds cooler in Japanese. That is a pretty accurate assessment though. The train’s top speed will be around 217 miles per hour, achieving that speed with less fuel through use of aerodynamics and light-weight materials. Plus, a regenerative braking system will capture kinetic energy in batteries for later use.

Japan has always had a great rail system, but with 10,000 new miles of track planned for the next 20 years, and these new high-speed trains, it seems they’ll just be getting better.

18 thoughts on “Japan Getting a New Fastest Train

  1. Sounds really good. I can`t wait until it is up and running. I am a huge fan of the Japan Rail System especially the shinkansen having used it for several years for business and pleasure. I hope Japan can get its record back for the fastest train.

  2. Wow, its incredible. I agree with Japan Australia, hope Japan can get their record back. These trains are amazing, I wish we had something even half as good here.

  3. Yes, other countries must take note of Japan’s public transport system. This is just another reminder of their commitment, dedication and will to achieve a modern and functional infrastructure that support a mass population within a small land area.

  4. Japan set the standards when it comes to combining technology with transport. I visited the country and their public transport system is amazing. They don’t have people waiting half as long as have to sometimes and everything is clean and efficient. They’ll keep developing and hopefully they’ll keep finding ways to improve the speed of their service.

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