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Wind Power and Charity Together

I love it when green meets charity and here is a case of just that.  An elaborate playhouse featuring a gearmotor from Bison Gear and Engineering Corp., St. Charles, Ill., sold for $10,000 at auction, with proceeds used to provide free home repair services for elderly and low-income homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. The “Molino of La Mancha” playhouse was designed by Topos Architects of Palo Alto, Calif., who selected the gearmotor to power the playhouse windmill on still days. The motor comes from the VWDIR23 series of right-angle, variable speed drives.

The Don Quixote-inspired windmill was sold at the “Dreams Happen” auction, the primary fundraiser for the charity that provides free home repair services to those in need. Recipients of these services are senior citizens, single parents, grandparents raising grand-kids, the disabled, low-income families with children, veterans, children caring for ailing parents, and the sick or poor in health.  I have always had an affinity towards windmills, if find watching them relaxing.windmill concept image

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September 25th, 2009




  1. green is good and so is charity, i can only imagine what happens when they come together.


  2. Great idea to combine the two. Anything that can help the environement and a charity has to be a positive thing. An unique structure as well (at least I’ve never seen one like that).

  3. Absolutely Megan, I couldn’t agree more. Its’ fantastic! Great cause too, elderly and low income homeowners.

  4. I think once the price of wind power comes down and more people can afford it, you will see a drastic shift away from traditional energy providers.

  5. This is one weird looking windmill. It must generate tons of energy. I would not give it any prices for looks but green energy is always a good thing.

  6. Charity is one of the most best things you can do. What I’m saying is not just donating things but donating to where it really matter. There are so many children and starving mothers who doesn’t know what exactly to do for their children’s next meal. That’s some thing we need to look in to. Eradicating poverty may be impossible but reducing it can certainly be done.

  7. admin

    I agree that green + charity is a great combo. I would urge everyone to donate their old car to http://www.charitycar.us because they are partnered with http://www.greenvehicledisposal.com – again, a perfect match!!

  8. I love how this windmill looks, seems like a flower. Not only they are relaxing to watch but also beneficial with the economical wind energy that it produces. Glad to hear it’s involvement with charity.

  9. Among this stream of bad news it is so lovely to hear something about people caring for each other. I’ve noticed that people with a higher eco-awareness tend to give to charity more often. It just comes with the mindset.

  10. Its nice to see that eco-friendly and charity coming together. If we all come together and collect few pennies from everyone to make green projects like this then the world will be a safer place to live.

  11. I never saw a windmill like this before. Looks like a tree. Nice. Charity and eco-friendly goes well with peace and harmony. How i wish our world would be more like this.

  12. I’ve enjoyed reading through these types of blogs. Fascinating stuff! Solar energy has always been a fascination with me.

  13. How high up is this windmill? I’ve never seen anything like that.

  14. Minus the economy being bad, its great to know everyone is out there helping one another. Charity is a great environment to be in, especially to help someone out if you can.

  15. Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.,;”

  16. Charity and environment together. What a great combination. The more the better.

  17. What a fantastic ideas and what a lot of money going to such a great cause. This is a perfect example of what is possible when trying to raise money for charity. We can always do so much more to make peoples lives more enjoyable.

  18. Great for everyone. Good PR for the company and free services for the elderly.

  19. that windmill looks literally weak! 4 fans in one stem? how strong is that? we’re talking about winds here! one hurricane will be putting this crazy toy in the ground.

  20. Wind Power and charity together is a great idea! it starts living green and we need to be an important lifestyle change for everyone. Living in a healthy world that encompasses your health, environment, the food you eat and the air you breathe is the single most important benefit to living green.

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