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Geneva Green Picks

Here are a couple of my favs for the top 10 green picks from the Geneva Auto show

imiev green car

i Mieva – looks like a tons of fun!

bentely green

Bentley Continental Supersports – Looks expensive!

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April 28th, 2009




  1. The Continental Supersports shares most body pieces and drivetrain architecture with the Continental GT Speed, though both interior and exterior have been beefed up to handle all that extra power.

  2. The Bentley Sports looks like it has come of age and has tried to move into the modern world. This is said with respect for the Bentley, as it has been the most revered car and does not follow trends as it has it own stage and clients. I am not certain I like the lighting design!

  3. everyone should Go Green so that we can help the environment.::’

  4. I like the b­entl­ey­ continental­ s­up­ers­p­orts design, it’s sporty and generous, and somewhat distinguished. Of course, it’s expensive. Thank you!

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