A More Mainstream Leaf is on the Horizon

Nissan Motor Corp. wants its next-generation Leaf electric vehicle to get more mainstream styling and a new battery that more than doubles its range.

Most important will be range. Nissan wants to double it from the current Environmental Protection Agency rating of 84 miles per charge, the News says. That improvement, based on new battery chemistry that Nissan thinks it has in the wings, would dramatically improve the car’s practicality. The improved battery should be ready in 2017.

Then there are its looks. Leaf was designed to look distinctive, much the way Toyota scored by giving the Prius hybrid its own look so that customers can proclaim their environmental consciousness every thing they drive. For the next generation, however, the car will be made to fit more into mainstream of styling out on the streets.  With electric cars gaining popularity, it’s an interesting move from Nissan to redesign the Leaf.

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