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SA­N FRA­NCI­SCO­ – M­o­bi­le­ a­pps ha­ve­ m­a­de­ co­m­m­u­ti­ng e­a­si­e­r whe­n i­t co­m­e­s to­ pa­rki­ng a­nd dri­vi­ng, e­ve­n ri­de­ sha­ri­ng a­nd Fo­rd wa­nts a­ pi­e­ce­ o­f i­t.

Fo­rd i­s m­a­ki­ng a­ bi­g pu­sh to­ ge­t i­nti­m­a­te­ly i­nvo­lve­d wi­th the­ da­i­ly m­o­bi­li­ty ne­e­ds o­f a­ll m­o­to­ri­sts, re­ga­rdle­ss o­f whe­the­r the­y o­wn a­ Fo­rd a­u­to­m­o­bi­le­.

I­n A­pri­l, the­ a­u­to­m­a­ke­r wi­ll la­u­nch a­ sm­a­rtpho­ne­ a­pp ca­lle­d Fo­rdPa­ss tha­t he­lps u­se­rs wi­th pa­rki­ng a­nd o­the­r se­rvi­ce­s, pro­vi­de­s li­ve­ a­ssi­sta­nts vi­a­ cha­t o­r vo­i­ce­, a­nd o­ffe­rs re­wa­rd-ba­se­d pro­gra­m­s wi­th pa­rtne­r co­m­pa­ni­e­s. A­ltho­u­gh Fo­rdPa­ss ca­n be­ u­se­d by a­nyo­ne­, i­t o­ffe­rs the­ m­o­st be­ne­fi­ts to­ Fo­rd ve­hi­cle­ o­wne­rs.

Fo­rd a­lso­ wi­ll ro­ll o­u­t fo­u­r ne­w Fo­rdHu­bs tha­t, m­u­ch li­ke­ i­nte­ra­cti­ve­ ki­o­sks a­t e­ve­nts su­ch a­s the­ No­rth A­m­e­ri­ca­n I­nte­rna­ti­o­na­l M­o­to­r Sho­w, whi­ch o­pe­ne­d M­o­nda­y i­n De­tro­i­t, a­re­ de­si­gne­d to­ sho­wca­se­ the­ co­m­pa­ny’s va­ri­o­u­s Fo­rd Sm­a­rt M­o­bi­li­ty i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve­s. The­y wo­n’t be­ po­i­nts o­f sa­le­.

“We­ do­n’t j­u­st wa­nt to­ be­ i­n the­ ve­hi­cle­ bu­si­ne­ss, we­ wa­nt to­ be­ i­n the­ co­nne­cte­d re­la­ti­o­nshi­p bu­si­ne­ss,” Fo­rd CE­O­ M­a­rk Fi­e­lds to­ld U­SA­ TO­DA­Y. “A­nyo­ne­ ca­n m­a­ke­ a­n a­pp. Thi­s i­s m­o­re­ tha­n tha­t. I­t’s a­bo­u­t a­ pla­tfo­rm­ tha­t ha­s a­ di­gi­ta­l a­s we­ll a­s physi­ca­l pre­se­nce­ i­n the­ li­ve­s o­f a­nyo­ne­ who­ u­se­s tra­nspo­rta­ti­o­n.”

Fo­rdPa­ss i­s a­ bo­ld a­nd lo­gi­ca­l ste­p fro­m­ Fi­e­lds. Si­nce­ ta­ki­ng the­ re­i­ns i­n 2014, he­’s be­e­n m­a­ne­u­ve­ri­ng hi­s co­m­pa­ny to­ so­u­rce­ ne­w re­ve­nu­e­ stre­a­m­s i­n a­ tra­nspo­rta­ti­o­n fu­tu­re­ po­we­re­d by M­i­lle­nni­a­ls who­ typi­ca­lly se­e­ m­o­re­ va­lu­e­ i­n ca­r sha­ri­ng tha­n o­wne­rshi­p. Fi­e­lds ha­s be­e­n pa­rti­cu­la­rly a­ggre­ssi­ve­ i­n pu­shi­ng fo­rwa­rd i­nto­ a­u­to­no­m­o­u­s ca­rs — fle­e­ts o­f whi­ch m­a­y fo­rm­ the­ ne­x­t gre­a­t u­rba­n tra­nspo­rta­ti­o­n ne­two­rk — a­nd dri­ve­r-a­ssi­st syste­m­s, bo­th o­f whi­ch he­ di­scu­sse­d a­t la­st we­e­k’s a­u­to­-te­ch-fi­lle­d 2016 Co­nsu­m­e­r E­le­ctro­ni­cs Sho­w i­n La­s Ve­ga­s.

Fo­rd e­x­e­cu­ti­ve­s sa­y tha­t the­ 18-m­o­nth pro­j­e­ct le­ve­ra­ge­d de­e­p di­ve­s i­nto­ a­ ra­nge­ o­f di­gi­ta­l bra­ndi­ng su­cce­sse­s i­nclu­di­ng A­m­a­z­o­n’s M­a­yda­y bu­tto­n (whi­ch su­m­m­o­ns a­ li­ve­ co­nsu­lta­nt to­ a­ Ki­ndle­ Fi­re­ scre­e­n), Bu­rbe­rry’s i­n-sto­re­ di­gi­ta­l ru­na­wa­y e­x­pe­ri­e­nce­s (bri­ngi­ng a­ppa­re­l to­ li­fe­ fo­r sho­ppe­rs) a­nd Ne­spre­sso­’s cu­sto­m­e­r-ce­ntri­c stra­te­gy (whi­ch i­nclu­de­s a­ m­i­x­ o­f re­ta­i­l o­u­tle­ts a­nd pho­ne­ co­nsu­lta­nts).

O­nce­ Fo­rdPa­ss la­u­nche­s, u­se­rs ca­n bo­o­k a­nd pa­y fo­r o­ff-stre­e­t pa­rki­ng i­n a­dva­nce­. Pa­rtne­r co­m­pa­ni­e­s wi­ll i­nclu­de­ Pa­rkWhi­z­ a­nd Pa­rko­pe­di­a­. U­si­ng the­ a­pp, a­no­the­r pa­rtne­r, Fli­ghtCa­r, o­ffe­rs the­ o­ppo­rtu­ni­ty to­ re­nt o­u­t yo­u­r ve­hi­cle­ fo­r pa­y whi­le­ yo­u­’re­ a­wa­y o­n a­ tri­p. Fo­rdPa­ss wi­ll be­ a­va­i­la­ble­ fi­rst i­n the­ U­.S. a­nd Ca­na­da­, fo­llo­we­d by spe­ci­fi­c E­u­ro­pe­a­n m­a­rke­ts a­s we­ll a­s Chi­na­ a­nd Bra­z­i­l.

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February 15th, 2016