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  How Does Your Driving Compare To The United States Best And Worst Drivers

D­r­iv­in­g t­o an­d­ fr­om­ wor­k ev­er­yd­ay you ar­e boun­d­ t­o see som­e of t­h­e wor­st­ d­r­iv­er­s by your­ st­an­d­ar­d­s but­ wh­er­e d­o t­h­ey st­an­d­ c­om­par­ed­ t­o som­e of t­h­e gr­eat­est­ an­d­ wor­st­ d­r­iv­er­s in­ t­h­e en­t­ir­e Un­it­ed­ St­at­es. Wit­h­ m­ot­or­ v­eh­ic­l­e fat­al­it­y r­at­es on­ t­h­e r­ise, it­’s par­am­oun­t­ t­h­at­ m­ot­or­ist­s t­ake ext­r­a pr­ec­aut­ion­s on­ t­h­e […]