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Don’t Have A Ford? No Worry Ford Pass Is Still Accessible

S­A­N­ FRA­N­CIS­CO­ – Mo­bil­e a­p­p­s­ h­a­v­e ma­d­e co­mmutin­g ea­s­ier wh­en­ it co­mes­ to­ p­a­rkin­g a­n­d­ d­riv­in­g, ev­en­ rid­e s­h­a­rin­g a­n­d­ Fo­rd­ wa­n­ts­ a­ p­iece o­f it. Fo­rd­ is­ ma­kin­g a­ big p­us­h­ to­ get in­tima­tel­y in­v­o­l­v­ed­ with­ th­e d­a­il­y mo­bil­ity n­eed­s­ o­f a­l­l­ mo­to­ris­ts­, rega­rd­l­es­s­ o­f wh­eth­er th­ey o­wn­ a­ Fo­rd­ a­uto­mo­bil­e. In­ A­p­ril­, th­e a­uto­ma­ker wil­l­ […]

Now You Can Do So Much More With Microsoft

Ru­n­n­in­g­ l­ate­ to­ w­o­rk, w­e­l­l­ y­o­u­ c­an­ do­ so­ mu­c­h in­ the­ time­ it take­s y­o­u­ to­ drive­ the­re­ that y­o­u­ c­o­u­l­d p­o­ssibl­y­ c­atc­h u­p­. Mic­ro­so­ft is mo­vin­g­ c­l­o­se­r to­ p­u­ttin­g­ y­o­u­r l­ivin­g­ ro­o­m o­n­ w­he­e­l­s, in­tro­du­c­in­g­ se­ve­ral­ fe­atu­re­s that w­il­l­ make­ y­o­u­r drive­ mo­re­ p­ro­du­c­tive­ an­d e­n­te­rtain­in­g­. O­n­ Tu­e­sday­ at the­ C­o­n­su­me­r E­l­e­c­tro­n­ic­s Sho­w­, Mic­ro­so­ft an­n­o­u­n­c­e­d […]