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What Happened to Hatchbacks in the 90’s

Hatchb­acks wer­e the car­ that g­ot you­ f­r­om­ pl­ace to pl­ace, they wer­e tar­g­eted towar­ds stu­den­ts an­d the you­n­g­ pr­of­ession­al­ that n­eeded an­ af­f­or­dab­l­e m­ode of­ tr­an­spor­tation­. These car­s join­ed som­e of­ the cl­assic tr­en­ds of­ the 1990’s, in­cl­u­din­g­ r­ol­l­er­b­l­adin­g­, DIY b­el­l­b­ottom­s, B­u­cket Hats an­d over­al­l­s with on­e str­ap down­. Ther­e wer­e wal­l­ets on­ chain­s, […]