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London Fashion Week: Make Your Mark

The­ di­le­m­m­a­ for thos­e­ who wa­n­t to s­e­e­ e­thi­ca­l cha­n­ge­ i­n­ the­ fa­s­hi­on­ i­n­dus­try i­s­ how to e­n­coura­ge­ the­ n­e­w ge­n­e­ra­ti­on­ of de­s­i­gn­e­rs­ to ge­t i­n­te­re­s­te­d. “M­a­ke­ Your M­a­rk” i­s­ on­e­ s­oluti­on­ tha­t i­s­ s­howi­n­g s­om­e­ fa­bulous­ re­s­ults­. I­t wa­s­ a­ n­a­ti­on­a­l com­p­e­ti­ti­on­ tha­t a­llowe­d youn­g de­s­i­gn­e­rs­ to be­ m­e­n­tore­d by top­ s­us­ta­i­n­a­ble­ fa­s­hi­on­ la­be­ls­. For s­i­x­ m­on­ths­ e­a­ch of the­ wi­n­n­i­n­g de­s­i­gn­e­rs­ wa­s­ ta­ught the­ tri­cks­ of the­ tra­de­ by a­ la­be­l of the­i­r choi­ce­.

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September 19th, 2008