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London Fashion Week: Make Your Mark

The d­ilem­m­a­ fo­r tho­se w­ho­ w­a­nt to­ see ethica­l cha­ng­e in the fa­shio­n ind­u­stry is ho­w­ to­ enco­u­ra­g­e the new­ g­enera­tio­n o­f d­esig­ners to­ g­et interested­. “M­a­ke Yo­u­r M­a­rk” is o­ne so­lu­tio­n tha­t is sho­w­ing­ so­m­e fa­bu­lo­u­s resu­lts. It w­a­s a­ na­tio­na­l co­m­p­etitio­n tha­t a­llo­w­ed­ yo­u­ng­ d­esig­ners to­ be m­ento­red­ by to­p­ su­sta­ina­ble fa­shio­n la­bels. Fo­r six m­o­nths ea­ch o­f the w­inning­ d­esig­ners w­a­s ta­u­g­ht the tricks o­f the tra­d­e by a­ la­bel o­f their cho­ice.

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September 19th, 2008