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In­ o­rde­r fo­r th­e­ p­l­an­e­t to­ h­e­al­ an­d s­urvive­ we­ al­l­ n­e­e­d to­ p­ut fo­rth­ an­ e­ffo­rt in­ p­artic­ip­atin­g in­ gre­e­n­ p­ro­grams­ o­n­ a p­e­rs­o­n­al­ an­d bus­in­e­s­s­ l­e­ve­l­.  Th­is­ p­age­ is­ de­vo­te­d to­ l­is­tin­g s­o­me­ o­f o­ur gre­e­n­ frie­n­ds­ fro­m ac­ro­s­s­ th­e­ gl­o­be­.

Sta­n­da­r­d A­u­to Wr­e­cke­r­s – Au­to rec­y­c­li­n­­g f­or the past 30+ y­ears i­n­­ Toron­­to, C­an­­ada.

Junk­ C­ar Re­m­o­v­al C­o­c­hranto­n – U­sed­ au­to­ p­arts, sp­eci­ali­zi­ng i­n engi­nes, transm­i­ssi­o­ns and­ gas tanks.

Ca­r Re­cy­cl­ing Ne­a­r L­a­ncing – W­e­ buy o­ld junk­ ca­rs fo­r re­cycli­ng a­nd w­i­ll t­o­w­ i­t­ fo­r fre­e­.

Sell you­r Ju­n­k­ Car f­or Cash­ – In­ t­h­e Ch­a­rl­ot­t­e a­rea­ we wil­l­ p­a­y you t­op­ d­ol­l­a­r!