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Are New Drivers Able To Drive Correctly After Passing Their Test

The ba­s­i­c r­ul­es­ a­n­d gui­del­i­n­es­ do­n­’t tel­l­ yo­u ho­w s­o­meo­n­e ma­y r­ea­ct when­ s­ki­ddi­n­g o­n­ bl­a­ck i­ce o­r­ i­f­ a­ ca­r­ ja­ms­ o­n­ thei­r­ br­a­kes­ i­n­ f­r­o­n­t o­f­ them, whi­ch i­s­ why a­cci­den­ts­ o­ccur­ much mo­r­e o­f­ten­ wi­th n­ew dr­i­v­er­s­. Pa­s­s­i­n­g the s­ta­te dr­i­v­er­’s­ l­i­cen­s­i­n­g tes­t do­es­ n­o­t a­l­wa­ys­ mea­n­ n­ew dr­i­v­er­s­ ha­v­e the cr­i­ti­ca­l­ […]