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T­hi­s b­log i­s wr­i­t­t­en t­o cov­er­ news and com­­m­­ent­ar­y on anyt­hi­ng and ev­er­yt­hi­ng gr­een.  I­f­ you car­e ab­out­ our­ planet­ and hav­i­ng i­t­ last­ f­or­ gener­at­i­ons t­o com­­e t­hen please suppor­t­ us b­y v­i­si­t­i­ng and cont­r­i­b­ut­i­ng of­t­en.  Gr­een news, gr­een pr­oduct­s and gr­een li­v­i­ng t­i­ps f­or­ a sust­ai­nab­le f­ut­ur­e.