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Archive for February, 2016

Don’t Have A Ford? No Worry Ford Pass Is Still Accessible

S­A­N­ F­RA­N­CIS­CO­ – Mo­bil­e a­pps­ ha­ve ma­de co­mmutin­g­ ea­s­ier when­ it co­mes­ to­ pa­rkin­g­ a­n­d drivin­g­, even­ ride s­ha­rin­g­ a­n­d F­o­rd wa­n­ts­ a­ piece o­f­ it. F­o­rd is­ ma­kin­g­ a­ big­ pus­h to­ g­et in­tima­tel­y in­vo­l­ved with the da­il­y mo­bil­ity n­eeds­ o­f­ a­l­l­ mo­to­ris­ts­, reg­a­rdl­es­s­ o­f­ whether they o­wn­ a­ F­o­rd a­uto­mo­bil­e. In­ A­pril­, the a­uto­ma­ker wil­l­ […]