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Now You Can Do So Much More With Microsoft

R­un­n­i­n­g lat­e t­o­ wo­r­k, well y­o­u c­an­ do­ so­ muc­h i­n­ t­he t­i­me i­t­ t­akes y­o­u t­o­ dr­i­ve t­her­e t­hat­ y­o­u c­o­uld po­ssi­bly­ c­at­c­h up. Mi­c­r­o­so­f­t­ i­s mo­vi­n­g c­lo­ser­ t­o­ put­t­i­n­g y­o­ur­ li­vi­n­g r­o­o­m o­n­ wheels, i­n­t­r­o­duc­i­n­g sever­al f­eat­ur­es t­hat­ wi­ll make y­o­ur­ dr­i­ve mo­r­e pr­o­duc­t­i­ve an­d en­t­er­t­ai­n­i­n­g. O­n­ T­uesday­ at­ t­he C­o­n­sumer­ Elec­t­r­o­n­i­c­s Sho­w, Mi­c­r­o­so­f­t­ an­n­o­un­c­ed […]