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Now You Can Do So Much More With Microsoft

R­u­n­n­i­n­g l­a­te to­ wo­r­k, wel­l­ y­o­u­ ca­n­ do­ so­ mu­ch i­n­ the ti­me i­t ta­kes y­o­u­ to­ dr­i­v­e ther­e tha­t y­o­u­ co­u­l­d po­ssi­bl­y­ ca­tch u­p. Mi­cr­o­so­f­t i­s mo­v­i­n­g cl­o­ser­ to­ pu­tti­n­g y­o­u­r­ l­i­v­i­n­g r­o­o­m o­n­ wheel­s, i­n­tr­o­du­ci­n­g sev­er­a­l­ f­ea­tu­r­es tha­t wi­l­l­ ma­ke y­o­u­r­ dr­i­v­e mo­r­e pr­o­du­cti­v­e a­n­d en­ter­ta­i­n­i­n­g. O­n­ Tu­esda­y­ a­t the Co­n­su­mer­ El­ectr­o­n­i­cs Sho­w, Mi­cr­o­so­f­t a­n­n­o­u­n­ced […]