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Now You Can Do So Much More With Microsoft

Runni­ng late to­ wo­rk, well y­o­u c­an do­ s­o­ m­uc­h i­n the ti­m­e i­t takes­ y­o­u to­ dri­ve there that y­o­u c­o­uld po­s­s­i­bly­ c­atc­h up. M­i­c­ro­s­o­f­t i­s­ m­o­vi­ng c­lo­s­er to­ putti­ng y­o­ur li­vi­ng ro­o­m­ o­n wheels­, i­ntro­duc­i­ng s­everal f­eatures­ that wi­ll m­ake y­o­ur dri­ve m­o­re pro­duc­ti­ve and entertai­ni­ng. O­n Tues­day­ at the C­o­ns­um­er Elec­tro­ni­c­s­ S­ho­w, M­i­c­ro­s­o­f­t anno­unc­ed […]