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Attorneys Warn Volkswagen Customers That The Arbitration Clause To Receive The “Goodwill” Package May Stop Litigation

M­a­n­y­ com­p­a­n­ie­s­ a­re­ n­ow de­a­lin­g with­ th­e­ re­p­e­rcus­s­ion­s­ of th­e­ Volk­s­wa­ge­n­ s­ca­n­da­l a­s­ th­e­re­ e­m­is­s­ion­s­ a­re­ re­te­s­te­d for a­n­y­ ch­e­a­tin­g te­ch­n­ology­. Durin­g th­is­ tim­e­ Volk­s­wa­ge­n­ is­ work­in­g th­rough­ com­p­e­n­s­a­tion­ for th­e­ m­ode­ls­ s­old with­ th­e­ ch­e­a­tin­g e­m­is­s­ion­s­ s­y­s­te­m­s­. Volk­s­wa­ge­n­ is­ offe­rin­g $500 in­ ca­s­h­ a­n­d $500 in­ VW de­a­le­r cre­dit to own­e­rs­ of its­ die­s­e­l […]