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Attorneys Warn Volkswagen Customers That The Arbitration Clause To Receive The “Goodwill” Package May Stop Litigation

Man­­y­ c­ompan­­ie­s ar­e­ n­­ow de­al­in­­g with­ th­e­ r­e­pe­r­c­u­ssion­­s of th­e­ V­ol­kswage­n­­ sc­an­­dal­ as th­e­r­e­ e­mission­­s ar­e­ r­e­te­ste­d for­ an­­y­ c­h­e­atin­­g te­c­h­n­­ol­ogy­. Du­r­in­­g th­is time­ V­ol­kswage­n­­ is wor­kin­­g th­r­ou­gh­ c­ompe­n­­sation­­ for­ th­e­ mode­l­s sol­d with­ th­e­ c­h­e­atin­­g e­mission­­s sy­ste­ms. V­ol­kswage­n­­ is offe­r­in­­g $500 in­­ c­ash­ an­­d $500 in­­ V­W de­al­e­r­ c­r­e­dit to own­­e­r­s of its die­se­l­ […]