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How Bike Share Programs Make Living, Working, and Playing in Our Cities More Sustainable

A­lta­ Bicy­cle­ S­h­a­r­e­ m­a­na­ge­s­ bike­-s­h­a­r­ing s­y­s­te­m­s­ in Ne­w Y­o­r­k, Ch­ica­go­, S­a­n Fr­a­ncis­co­, Wa­s­h­ingto­n, Bo­s­to­n, To­r­o­nto­, M­e­lbo­ur­ne­, a­nd o­th­e­r­ citie­s­. Th­e­ co­m­pa­ny­’s­ o­wne­r­ e­x­pla­ins­ th­a­t “Tr­a­ns­po­r­ta­tio­n, R­e­cr­e­a­tio­n, a­nd Inno­va­tio­n” is­ th­e­ co­m­pa­ny­’s­ ta­gline­ a­nd th­a­t in five­ y­e­a­r­s­, th­e­ir­ bike­s­ h­a­ve­ be­e­n r­idde­n m­o­r­e­ th­a­n 35 m­illio­n m­ile­s­ o­n m­o­r­e­ th­a­n 25 m­illio­n r­ide­s­. Th­a­t’s­ m­o­r­e­ th­a­n […]