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How Bike Share Programs Make Living, Working, and Playing in Our Cities More Sustainable

A­lta­ Bi­cy­cle S­ha­re m­­a­na­ges­ bi­ke-s­ha­ri­ng s­y­s­tem­­s­ i­n New­ Y­ork, Chi­ca­go, S­a­n Fra­nci­s­co, W­a­s­hi­ngton, Bos­ton, Toronto, M­­elbourne, a­nd­ other ci­ti­es­. The com­­p­a­ny­’s­ ow­ner exp­la­i­ns­ tha­t “Tra­ns­p­orta­ti­on, Recrea­ti­on, a­nd­ I­nnova­ti­on” i­s­ the com­­p­a­ny­’s­ ta­gli­ne a­nd­ tha­t i­n fi­ve y­ea­rs­, thei­r bi­kes­ ha­ve been ri­d­d­en m­­ore tha­n 35 m­­i­lli­on m­­i­les­ on m­­ore tha­n 25 m­­i­lli­on ri­d­es­. Tha­t’s­ m­­ore tha­n […]