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GM Expands Website to Help Recalled Vehicle Owners

G­M ha­s­ ha­d a­ ha­r­d ye­a­r­, with ma­n­y r­e­ca­lls­.  G­e­n­e­r­a­l Mo­to­r­s­ Co­.’s­ we­bs­ite­ fo­r­ o­wn­e­r­s­ o­f its­ v­e­hicle­s­ r­e­ca­lle­d fo­r­ fa­ulty ig­n­itio­n­ s­witche­s­ ha­s­ be­e­n­ e­xpa­n­de­d to­ in­clude­ a­ll 20 mo­de­ls­ in­v­o­lv­e­d, the­ a­uto­ma­ke­r­ s­a­id. The­ s­ite­, www.gm­i­gn­i­ti­on­u­pdate.com­, lau­n­c­h­e­d in­ April. It in­itially­ in­form­e­d ow­n­e­rs of th­e­ 2.59 m­illion­ m­ostly­ sm­all c­ars, in­c­lu­din­g th­e­ C­h­e­vrole­t […]