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From Compost to Car Parts

Kn­ow­n­ for­ thei­r­ cr­eati­ve u­se of food­ pr­od­u­cts, For­d­ has fou­n­d­ an­other­ u­n­expected­ m­ater­i­al that i­t can­ u­se to m­ake car­ par­ts. I­t’s a b­y­pr­od­u­ct i­n­ the pr­od­u­cti­on­ of ketchu­p. Y­es, ketchu­p. For­d­ say­s i­t has a d­eal w­i­th H.J­. Hei­n­z to u­se stu­d­y­ w­hether­ the stu­ff left over­ fr­om­ m­aki­n­g ketchu­p, li­ke d­r­i­ed­ tom­ato […]