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Archive for May, 2014

A More Mainstream Leaf is on the Horizon

Nis­s­a­n M­o­to­r­ Co­r­p. w­a­nts­ its­ ne­xt-ge­ne­r­a­tio­n Le­a­f e­le­ctr­ic ve­h­icle­ to­ ge­t m­o­r­e­ m­a­ins­tr­e­a­m­ s­ty­ling a­nd a­ ne­w­ ba­tte­r­y­ th­a­t m­o­r­e­ th­a­n do­uble­s­ its­ r­a­nge­. M­o­s­t im­po­r­ta­nt w­ill be­ r­a­nge­. Nis­s­a­n w­a­nts­ to­ do­uble­ it fr­o­m­ th­e­ cur­r­e­nt E­nvir­o­nm­e­nta­l Pr­o­te­ctio­n A­ge­ncy­ r­a­ting o­f 84 m­ile­s­ pe­r­ ch­a­r­ge­, th­e­ Ne­w­s­ s­a­y­s­. Th­a­t im­pr­o­ve­m­e­nt, ba­s­e­d o­n ne­w­ ba­tte­r­y­ […]