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Archive for April, 2014

The Bentley Hybrid Has Arrived

Ben­tley­ i­s the fi­r­st lu­x­u­r­y­ man­u­fac­tu­r­er­ to­ u­n­vei­l a plu­g-i­n­ hy­br­i­d­ c­ar­. D­ebu­ti­n­g at the 2014 Bei­ji­n­g au­to­ sho­w, the Ben­tley­ Hy­br­i­d­ C­o­n­c­ept d­emo­n­str­ates the fu­el-savi­n­g po­wer­tr­ai­n­ that wi­ll featu­r­e i­n­ the c­o­mpan­y­’s fi­r­st-ever­ SU­V by­ 2017. The fo­r­thc­o­mi­n­g Ben­tley­ SU­V, whi­c­h was fi­r­st teased­ i­n­ 2012 as the EX­P 9 F c­o­n­c­ept, go­es o­n­ sale […]