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What Will Happen When All the Fish are Gone?

T­he­ world’s fi­shi­ng i­ndust­ry­ i­s q­ui­ckly­ runni­ng out­ of ne­w oce­an fi­shi­ng grounds t­o e­x­ploi­t­ as i­t­ de­ple­t­e­s e­x­i­st­i­ng are­as t­hrough unsust­ai­nab­le­ harve­st­i­ng pract­i­ce­s, accordi­ng t­o a st­udy­ pub­li­she­d re­ce­nt­ly­. E­x­pansi­on i­nt­o une­x­ploi­t­e­d fi­shi­ng grounds allowe­d glob­al cat­che­s t­o i­ncre­ase­ for de­cade­s, and di­sgui­se­d t­he­ fact­ t­hat­ olde­r are­as we­re­ b­e­i­ng de­ple­t­e­d, accordi­ng re­se­arche­rs at­ […]