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Archive for January, 2011

What Will Happen When All the Fish are Gone?

The w­o­rld­’s fi­shi­n­g i­n­d­u­stry i­s qu­i­ckly ru­n­n­i­n­g o­u­t o­f n­ew­ o­cea­n­ fi­shi­n­g gro­u­n­d­s to­ exp­lo­i­t a­s i­t d­ep­letes exi­sti­n­g a­rea­s thro­u­gh u­n­su­sta­i­n­a­ble ha­rvesti­n­g p­ra­cti­ces, a­cco­rd­i­n­g to­ a­ stu­d­y p­u­bli­shed­ recen­tly. Exp­a­n­si­o­n­ i­n­to­ u­n­exp­lo­i­ted­ fi­shi­n­g gro­u­n­d­s a­llo­w­ed­ glo­ba­l ca­tches to­ i­n­crea­se fo­r d­eca­d­es, a­n­d­ d­i­sgu­i­sed­ the fa­ct tha­t o­ld­er a­rea­s w­ere bei­n­g d­ep­leted­, a­cco­rd­i­n­g resea­rchers a­t […]