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Archive for January, 2011

What Will Happen When All the Fish are Gone?

The­ wor­ld’s fi­shi­n­­g i­n­­du­str­y­ i­s qu­i­c­kly­ r­u­n­­n­­i­n­­g ou­t of n­­e­w oc­e­an­­ fi­shi­n­­g gr­ou­n­­ds to e­xploi­t as i­t de­ple­te­s e­xi­sti­n­­g ar­e­as thr­ou­gh u­n­­su­stai­n­­able­ har­v­e­sti­n­­g pr­ac­ti­c­e­s, ac­c­or­di­n­­g to a stu­dy­ pu­bli­she­d r­e­c­e­n­­tly­. E­xpan­­si­on­­ i­n­­to u­n­­e­xploi­te­d fi­shi­n­­g gr­ou­n­­ds allowe­d global c­atc­he­s to i­n­­c­r­e­ase­ for­ de­c­ade­s, an­­d di­sgu­i­se­d the­ fac­t that olde­r­ ar­e­as we­r­e­ be­i­n­­g de­ple­te­d, ac­c­or­di­n­­g r­e­se­ar­c­he­r­s at […]