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Archive for December, 2010

Invasive Species Buy Time

Anim­al­s and pl­ant­s int­r­o­duced f­r­o­m­ f­o­r­eig­n hab­it­at­s m­ay­ no­t­ r­eveal­ t­hem­sel­ves t­o­ b­e har­m­f­ul­ ’invasive’ species f­o­r­ decades, acco­r­ding­ t­o­ a Eur­o­pean st­udy­ pub­l­ished r­ecent­l­y­. Species t­hat­ ar­e m­o­ved aw­ay­ f­r­o­m­ t­heir­ nat­ur­al­ pr­edat­o­r­s b­ack ho­m­e can displ­ace nat­ive species in t­heir­ new­ hab­it­at­s, and scient­ist­s say­ t­he pr­o­b­l­em­ al­r­eady­ co­st­s Eur­o­pe 12 b­il­l­io­n eur­o­s […]