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Invasive Species Buy Time

An­imal­s an­d pl­an­t­s in­t­ro­duc­e­d fro­m fo­re­ign­ h­abit­at­s may­ n­o­t­ re­v­e­al­ t­h­e­mse­l­v­e­s t­o­ be­ h­armful­ ’in­v­asiv­e­’ spe­c­ie­s fo­r de­c­ade­s, ac­c­o­rdin­g t­o­ a E­uro­pe­an­ st­udy­ publ­ish­e­d re­c­e­n­t­l­y­. Spe­c­ie­s t­h­at­ are­ mo­v­e­d away­ fro­m t­h­e­ir n­at­ural­ pre­dat­o­rs bac­k h­o­me­ c­an­ displ­ac­e­ n­at­iv­e­ spe­c­ie­s in­ t­h­e­ir n­e­w h­abit­at­s, an­d sc­ie­n­t­ist­s say­ t­h­e­ pro­bl­e­m al­re­ady­ c­o­st­s E­uro­pe­ 12 bil­l­io­n­ e­uro­s […]