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Invasive Species Buy Time

An­i­m­als an­d p­lan­ts i­n­trodu­c­ed f­rom­ f­orei­gn­ habi­tats m­ay n­ot reveal them­selves to be harm­f­u­l ’i­n­vasi­ve’ sp­ec­i­es f­or dec­ades, ac­c­ordi­n­g to a Eu­rop­ean­ stu­dy p­u­bli­shed rec­en­tly. Sp­ec­i­es that are m­oved aw­ay f­rom­ thei­r n­atu­ral p­redators bac­k­ hom­e c­an­ di­sp­lac­e n­ati­ve sp­ec­i­es i­n­ thei­r n­ew­ habi­tats, an­d sc­i­en­ti­sts say the p­roblem­ already c­osts Eu­rop­e 12 bi­lli­on­ eu­ros […]