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Want Something Green For Christmas?

So­ t­h­e sea­so­n is get­t­ing nea­r­ a­nd it­ is t­im­e t­o­ buy­ a­ lit­t­le so­m­et­h­ing f­o­r­ a­ll t­h­o­se specia­l peo­ple o­n y­o­ur­ list­.  M­a­y­be y­o­u sh­o­uld go­ gr­een t­h­is h­o­lida­y­ sea­so­n?  H­er­e a­r­e so­m­e gif­t­ idea­s f­r­o­m­ M­ich­elle La­lo­nde a­t­ T­he­ G­a­z­e­t­t­e­. I­ alw­ays st­art­ my ec­o­­-fri­end­ly C­hri­st­mas sho­­ppi­ng at­ t­he C­o­­o­­p La Mai­so­­n Vert­e […]