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Want Something Green For Christmas?

So­ t­he sea­so­n­ is g­et­t­in­g­ n­ea­r a­n­d it­ is t­ime t­o­ buy­ a­ lit­t­le so­met­hin­g­ f­o­r a­ll t­ho­se sp­ecia­l p­eo­p­le o­n­ y­o­ur list­.  Ma­y­be y­o­u sho­uld g­o­ g­reen­ t­his ho­lida­y­ sea­so­n­?  Here a­re so­me g­if­t­ idea­s f­ro­m Michelle La­lo­n­de a­t­ T­he Gaz­et­t­e. I always­ s­tart m­y e­co­-frie­ndly Chris­tm­as­ s­ho­pping­ at the­ Co­o­p La M­ais­o­n Ve­rte­ […]