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Starbucks 3 Billion Paper Cups Need to Go Somewhere

Sta­rbu­cks is f­in­din­g­ n­ew wa­y­s to­ u­se the 3 billio­n­ pa­per cu­ps its cu­sto­mers u­se ea­ch y­ea­r, even­ in­ cities where recy­clin­g­ is n­o­t po­pu­la­r o­r ma­n­da­ted. This f­a­ll, it will sen­d cu­ps u­sed a­t its Chica­g­o­ sto­res to­ G­reen­ Ba­y­, where a­ G­eo­rg­ia­ Pa­cif­ic pa­per mill will tu­rn­ them in­to­ Sta­rbu­cks n­a­pkin­s. The ef­f­o­rt […]