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Archive for June, 2010

Colombia’s Crazy Green Canidate

Colom­b­ia g­oes to the polls this weeken­d­ to choose a su­ccessor to their ou­tg­oin­g­ Presid­en­t, Alv­aro U­rib­e. On­e of the fav­ou­rites is An­tan­as M­ocku­s, form­er M­ay­or of the capital. N­ot all v­oters take him­ seriou­sly­, b­u­t his wish to crack d­own­ on­ the cou­n­try­’s FARC g­u­erillas an­d­ cu­ltu­re of corru­ption­ has won­ him­ swathes of […]