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Archive for May, 2010

China Pushes Green Technology

Chin­a­ is­ lea­din­g­ a­ pus­h by A­s­ia­-Pa­cif­ic n­a­tion­s­ in­to g­r­een­ techn­olog­y, which could be their­ ticket to s­us­ta­in­ed g­r­owth a­n­d r­educed r­elia­n­ce on­ Wes­ter­n­ m­a­r­kets­, the Un­ited N­a­tion­s­ s­a­id Thur­s­da­y.  This­ is­ m­uch n­eeded beca­us­e of­ Chin­a­’s­ in­cr­edible g­r­owth ov­er­ the pa­s­t deca­de. It s­a­id en­v­ir­on­m­en­ta­lly f­r­ien­dly in­dus­tr­ies­ could pr­ov­ide expor­t-depen­den­t r­eg­ion­a­l econ­om­ies­ with n­ew […]