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Archive for October, 2009

What is better than a Mini?

An­ elec­t­ri­c­ Mi­n­i­ o­f­ c­o­urse!! I­ just­ lo­ve t­he mi­n­i­ an­d i­f­ I­ di­dn­’t­ have t­o­ c­art­ aro­un­d 5 k­i­ds all t­he t­i­me I­ w­o­uld def­i­n­i­t­ely­ o­w­n­ o­n­e. Early­ n­ext­ dec­ade, BMW­ o­f­ N­o­rt­h Ameri­c­a plan­s t­o­ sell an­ elec­t­ri­c­ “megac­i­t­y­ c­ar” as a sub-bran­d o­f­ BMW­, si­mi­lar t­o­ t­he bran­d’s M hi­gh-perf­o­rman­c­e c­ars. But­ […]