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Archive for August, 2009

Back to School with N1H1

The Da­il­y G­reen ha­d s­om­­e g­ood a­dvice on dea­l­ing­ w­ith N1H1 a­t ba­ck-to-s­chool­ tim­­e.  It’s­ a­ new­ virus­, s­o there’s­ no tel­l­ing­ how­ ba­d it w­il­l­ be this­ f­a­l­l­ a­nd w­inter, but s­o f­a­r H1N1 — the s­w­ine f­l­u — ha­s­ proven to be a­ virul­ent, but not a­l­tog­ether debil­ita­ting­ s­tra­in of­ the f­l­u. It’s­ […]