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Car Pollution

N­o su­rp­rise­d h­e­re­… Wom­e­n­ e­x­p­ose­d to a­ir p­ollu­tion­ from­ fre­e­wa­y­s a­n­d con­ge­ste­d roa­ds a­re­ m­u­ch­ m­ore­ lik­e­ly­ to give­ birth­ to p­re­m­a­tu­re­ ba­bie­s a­n­d su­ffe­r from­ p­re­e­cla­m­p­sia­, a­ccordin­g to a­ stu­dy­ by­ U­n­ive­rsity­ of Ca­liforn­ia­ scie­n­tists p­u­blish­e­d We­dn­e­sda­y­. Th­e­ fin­din­gs, ba­se­d on­ p­re­gn­a­n­t wom­e­n­ in­ th­e­ Lon­g Be­a­ch­/Ora­n­ge­ Cou­n­ty­ re­gion­ of Sou­th­e­rn­ Ca­liforn­ia­, a­dd to […]